From the moment a quote is requested, Dumur Industries is working for the customer. Once we recieve a quote request we begin pricing materials and processes, this process includes calling multiple vendors to determine material availability and to negotiate price. Having a good relationship with our vendors enables us to provide a more consistent service to you our valued customer. After pricing has been developed the quote will be passed back to the customer for review. The quote will included information regarding pricing as well as estimated delivery.

Once a quote has been reviewed and becomes an order, it is entered into our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system as a work order and tracked from day one. Our ERP system allows us to track your order every step of the way and provide real time updates of what processes have been completed in our shop. Another advantage of our ERP system is trace-ability. Should an issue arise with the end product we are able to move quickly to determine the non-conformance and implement corrective action. This quick reaction time and trace-ability are part of the reason we have a 98.5% and climbing quality score with our key house account. We strive to provide this quality to all customers and are confident in our ability to do so.

After being entered into the ERP system our Engineering Services department provides design and programming input through state of the art CAD and CAM systems. We work with many different platforms of CAD such as: Solidworks, CATIA, Autocad and Inventor. Our machines are programmed using multiple CAM systems such including Mastercam, CENIT, Sigmanest and Delmia.

Once programming is complete and production control releases the new job, the work order is then issued to the shop floor. The issued work order contains step by step instructions to flow the job through the shop on a consistent and controlled basis. Each step on the work order contains a barcode which feeds information back to Global Shop about which steps have been completed and by which operators. This reporting coupled with a full material traceability program ensures that all jobs going through the shop are processed in accordance with the customers technical and quality requirements.

Dumur utilizes a full suite of CNC machining centers, 5 axis laser, CNC plasma cutting system, CNC brake presses and CNC punches, Robotic welding centers and manual MIG and TIG welding systems. During the work cycle, jobs are regularly inspected by operators and audited by independent quality representatives. First part and first article inspections are completed on an as required basis.

When job is complete it moves through the QC department for final inspection and final paperwork audits. Our management system is registered to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D.  At Dumur Industries our commitment to environmental sustainability has driven us to register our company’s Environmental Management System to ISO 14001.

With 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we have a modern clean facility to meet your needs. Dumur is ideally located in the center of Canada to provide logistics service to anywhere in North America or the world. We have direct access to east-west and southbound highway systems and we are conveniently located close to intermodal and air transportation services. When your parts are ready, we have the know-how to get them to you as quickly as needed.